Introducing BOV: The First
ERC20 Ethereum Token

Moooove over Bitcoin! Steak Token (BOV) is the first cryptocurrency you “mine” by posting pictures of the steak you eat.

Got "beef" with eating meat? Grab some Steak Tokens in the crowdsale instead.

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Crowdsale has ended.
What the beef??

Eating steak and not getting paid for it? Now that's some bull! Take your finances by the horns with BOV and earn tokens as you eat.

How to get it: earn Steak Tokens by submitting valid steak pictures or participating in the BOV crowdsale.

Why Steak Token?

The Ethereum ecosystem is the Wild West of finance. Tech bros and financiers are flocking to the platform like it's the Gold Rush of '49. But trust us: there's a lot of fool's gold out there.

We're tired of abstract tokens and hard-to-grok tech. It's time to return to our roots. We need a coin for red-blooded crypto enthusiasts who answer "nuts!" to fast-talking tech pushers.

Enter Steak Token, your chance to cowboy up and join the new frontier of monetized eating. Make bank by eating flank. Gird your sirloins and earn some coins. It's all about the bovines, baby!

Don't be cowed into missing this rare opportunity. Steer your attention below to read how steak can lasso you some moo-lah. It's gonna be yuuuuge.

BOV: It's What Buys Dinner™
BOV "Stock" Auction


Start: September 5th, 11:59am PST.

End: September 19th, 11:59pm PST.

Details: Ten million BOV will be sold. All 10M will be distributed proportionally after the crowdsale has ended. How many BOV you receive is defined by the following formula, calculated after the crowdsale has ended:

Equation white
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Ether raised so far

Investor tools

To buy Steak Tokens, send ether to: 0x880d6adb5bb4c8a7f578d31a4ddb0c48bc590fa3

Mining details
Note: new submissions will not be considered. No steaks were harmed in the making of this coin.

How do you submit a steak picture to earn BOV?
Take a picture of your cooked steak with a 2-inch (5cm) square cut out of it, with the hand-written dailyHash in the frame. Then submit your steak pic(s) via this website (or via the contract itself for you nerds out there). An admin will approve or deny your submission. When approved, you will earn BOV. See complete rules below.

How many BOV can you earn per steak?
The amount of BOV awarded for the first 500 steaks will be pinned to 0.0357 ETH’s worth of BOV (0.0357 ETH is about 10 USD @ $280/ETH). That BOV amount depends on the valuation assigned to BOV during the crowdsale. More info about how the initial prize is calculated. The second thousand steaks (steaks 1001-2000) will only receive half of the initial BOV prize. The prize will continue to halve every 500 steaks. There will be 8 halvings total before no more prize is awarded.

How many steaks can be awarded BOV?
500 steaks can be mined per halving cycle, and there are 8 halvings, so a total of 4500 steaks can be granted a BOV prize.

How will I know when I've been awarded BOV?
If an admin approves your steak, your account will be credited BOV. If your steak was not approved, you will not be awarded. To see if your steak was denied, and to read the admin's justification if it was, check up on your submission manually using the reference number (submissionID) you are issued when you submit the picture. See next question.

How can I check the status of a submission?
Enter a submissionID here to check its status: Check status
Note: you must have a web3 browser extension like MetaMask for this to work.

How many times can I submit a steak?
Only once. It is your responsibility to show that your steak is unique and valid. See complete rules below.

Who approves steak pictures?
Madame BOV and several vetted steak-holders. Admins earn 1/3 of the BOV prize of each steak. Madame BOV can appoint and remove voting members.

Are valid steaks guaranteed to be approved?
No, but we will try to judge all submitted steaks fairly.

How much will the money supply be impacted by mining?
If $50k is raised (at $280/ETH), about 2,660,000 BOV can be mined (+24% of the initial 11M BOV). If $1M is raised, only about 133,000 BOV can be mined (+1.2%). Since the initial BOV value is pinned to a static ETH value, the more money raised (the higher the valuation), the fewer BOV can be mined.

For how long can you earn BOV by submitting steak pictures?
There’s a 365-day limit. This madness must end sometime!
You can use and exchange your BOV as long as you want; you just won't be able to submit new pictures after one year.

Can I submit venison pics?
No. Madame BOV has a keen eye for beef and will be on the lookout for anyone trying to "game" the system.

Is this for real?
Yes. But see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

What is the moon potential of BOV? (financial upside)
Unfortunately, we can't say we're bullish on BOV. Ownership is merely a badge of honor in an exclusive group of beef afficionados.

Where is the contract code?
View the contract code here.

What's the contract address?

Full mining rules

Bottom line: it’s your responsibility to show that your steak is unique and valid. Admins will reject questionable submissions.

  • Steaks must be cooked.
  • Steaks must not be too small (at least 6oz / 170g).
  • A single 2-inch (5cm) square must be cut from one side of the steak, and that must be the only cut made.
  • Steaks must be photographed with the the last 5 digits of the dailyHash hand-written on a piece of paper in the frame.
  • Steaks must take up most of the frame. Pictures must be in focus and high-quality.
  • Steaks should be photographed looking straight down from the top.
  • Steaks should be positioned with the sides of the cut-out square parallel to the edges of the photograph, and with the square cut-out on the right side of the image.
  • No edited photos or filters.
  • These cuts are most likely to be approved: ribeye (bone in or out), porterhouse, T-Bone, NY strip. Other recognizable cuts are fine if they look steaky.
  • All photo URLs must be on
  • Submissions must be made while the dailyHash is valid.
  • You can submit supporting shots in addition to your main photo, of any kind. The photos must be included on the single Imgur page you submit (collage-style). Remember, it’s your responsibility to show admins that you aren’t gaming the system.

Submit a steak pic

No new submissions will be considered. No steaks were harmed in the making of this coin. All investors have been refunded.
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Other details:

BOV prize calculation example

Steak example 2 small
Steak example small
Madame BOV
Founder and CEO
Chief Nibbler
Sir Loin
Disclaimer and FAQ

We have a fiduciary responsibility to would-be steak-holders. So let us be clear: the chance of milking a profit from this crowdsale are slim to none.

What can you do with BOV?
BOV is a lifestyle coin that you can hold and transfer. It signals your membership in the Beef Brotherhood, a group of ICO-skeptics who yearn for a bygone era. (Read: it does nothing, and does not fund any future beef-related product.)

Where does crowdsale ether go?
Consider it a donation to Madame BOV's dry-aged ribeye fund.

Can I make money with Steak Token?
BOV is a satirical token that pokes fun at the state of the ICO world today. Buying it only gets you a piece of crypto history; it is not a wise investment. You should probably skip the auction and use your ether to buy actual steak. But don't forget to post your pics!

Why were investors refunded, and why can't I mine Steak Tokens anymore?
BOV was an exercise in creating a novel cryptocurrency. Thank you to all who pledged their support. Rest assured that no steaks were harmed in the making of this coin.